What it weighs is what it's worth.. To some it may sound like a any other marketing strategy, but not to the ones already familiriazed with the Flamingos Vintage Pound clothing pricing philosophy. The Brand has quickly spread all over Europe, with that concept selling genuinly american vintage clothing by the weight.

This year, the company reached its 10th year in business, In this short period of time the company has grown exponentially. Flamingos Vintage has managed to open over 23 stores in Europe, 5 locations in New York, 2 in Los Angeles, 3 in Texas and 2 in Miami

In America, the stores follow the same authentic line with an over the top and unique personality always keeping the same concept, everything is sold by the weight.

More than shopping, an experience.

Daniel Martinez, owner and CEO, has reinvented the way people shop, customers also experience a new way of dressing, not following conventional social rules. The formula has been extremely succesfull, a lot of people have connected through their experience on Flamingos Vintage.

This is the reason the Brand is currently in expansión, we are not talking only about Europe and America. Flamingos Vintage has presence in Asia also. The goal is to revolutionize the way people perceive fashion as.

Every customer at Flamingos goes through the experience of walking through unique vintage pieces previously selected by experts and pay for them at a Price per pound. Customers find the experience to be fun, exciting and end up being amazed by the prices. It is truly a different way of living fashion.

Breaking the limits: from the 40s to the 90s creating unique looks

Flamingos Vintage Pound has broken every rule that represents the vintage clothing business. The stores are filled with antiques as decorations invite customers to summerge in a vintage environment and discover retro print blouses and shirts, 80s style pants, mod style dresses, hawaiian shirts with amazing flower, palm trees, surfing and tropical prints. Nike t shirts, Converse shoes, baseball jackets, are also available to find. Souvenir or "Okinawa" as commonly known, jackets are also on display with their beautiful embroidered dragons and cherry blossom trees.

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