The 80s, stronger than ever

Series like ''Stranger Things'' have once again put the mythical 80s in the limelight. We have travelled back to our childhoods to remember the first adventure movies we saw at the theatre, the shoulder pads, the high-rise pants, the games from those times and, overall, an entire culture filled with innocence and nostalgia.

At Flamingos Vintage Pound we have been reliving those times for a while, with the extraordinary collection of authentic 80s vintage pieces of clothing with which we have been dressing our customers year after year. A great 80s fashion catalog including jerseys, shirts, tops, jeans, shorts (including Bermuda shorts), sweatshirts, sports fan jackets. . .  and much more. Designs full of color and bravado; eye-catching print reminiscent of the period and a myriad of clothes that ooze creativity.

Earthen and orange colors prevailed at the beginning of the 80s. Blocky and geometrical shapes were everywhere, and dressing like a tennis player was about the best you could do. Later on, the 80s saw the arrival of velvet, high-rise pants and fluo shades.

By the mid-80s, celebrities such as Cyndi Lauper paved the way for an all-new style: shiny accessories, sunglasses, pendant earrings and flashy makeup. You can find all of this at Flamingos Vintage, of course.

At Flamingos, we also carry late 80s fashion: Nike t-shirts, Reebok canvas shoes, baseball jackets and anything you can see on ''Saved by the Bell'' or a Chicago Bulls match. Don't miss out!