VINTAGE KILO is the first company specialized in selling by weight online, buying vintage clothes will never be the same again. From now on, enjoy wearing your unique clothes and saving the planet with sustainable fashion.

More than 10 years breaking the market

For more than a decade, we have established ourselves as a benchmark brand in vintage clothing, with physical stores in the main cities of Europe and the USA, such as New York or Los Angeles. In each of our spaces you can find a wide selection of unique and high quality vintage products. Pieces of North American origin, vintage treasures for special occasions, new trends and the styles of each decade, from the 50's to the 00's. Buying online you save your time and you can see more quantity of clothes classified by styles in a very simple way, pay for your purchases safely and receive them at home comfortably.

Free and Genderless Fashion

In Vintage kilo you will find spectacular denim, motorcycle, sixties, 80s or Hawaiian outfits. We classify clothes by categories to facilitate your search and we do not organize our pieces by gender. In this way we join the "genderless" trend, where we leave behind labels such as "masculine" and "feminine" and concentrate on what really matters with fashion: Feeling comfortable no matter what! think others! Dressing should be a way of showing our personality, a fun and free act. Join the vintage fashion by the kilo, a free, creative and generous way with the planet to consume fashion.